Nextcloud Box (complete package)


Bring your data home with Nextcloud Box and run your own home server! The Nextcloud Box (complete package) contains all necessary components, so that you can start immediately.

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The Nextcloud Box is the perfect solution to start into the world of home servers. A Raspberry Pi2B with 900 MHz quad-core ARM CPU and 1 GB RAM will serve the Nextcloud box. A 1 TB hard disk by Western Digital provides enough space to store your files. The Nextcloud also allows you to host your own Calendars, Contacts and Tasks – which can also be synchronized with your mobile devices – without the need to give your private data to somebody else.

When started the first time, Nextcloud is initialized and can then be managed over its Web interface. The operating system for the Box is Ubuntu Core Snappy with a Nextcloud snapd image so that it can be updated easily. The box can be connected to the LAN over 100 Mbps Ethernet.

The box can be opened easily (magnetic-mounted cover). For debugging (or other purposes), you can attach an HDMI screen and a USB keyboard without any screws.

The complete package consists of 3 devices:

  1. Raspberry Pi 2B (already mounted into the Nextcloud Box case) with Nextcloud microSD card
  2. 1 TB hard drive from Western Digital (already mounted into the Nextcloud Box case)
  3. USB power supply unit

You just have to connect the three devices with the provided cables and your local network! We have also made a quick guide (English/German) with instructions on assembly, setup, usage and debugging possibilities which is included, too.

What's included: Nextcloud Box (case), Raspberry Pi 2B (already mounted into the case), 1 TB-Festplatte (already mounted into the case), USB power supply unit, quick guide (English/German)

Product photos by: Gareth Halfacree (BY-SA)


Data sheet

4x 900 MHz ARM Cortex-A7
Memory (RAM)
1 GB
10/100 Mbps
4x USB 2.0
Operating system
Snappy Ubuntu Core (Linux)
Capacity (HDD)
1 TB
Capacity (microSD)
8 GB


Nextcloud box short guide

Download (408.11k)

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